The Adventures of Puff

The Adventures of Puff is a series of adventure stories surrounding an inquisitive cat stumbling upon some of the most unusual places on earth. Join Puff as he climbs the towering summits of the Swiss Alps to the spiraling depths of Antelope Canyon, the lush forests of New England and the Serengeti plains to the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. Each adventure bears its signature challenges and triumphs as Puff unravels the mysteries of the world.

Book 1: The Rainbow Forest

Lost in the Alps is a beautifully illustrated epic adventure written entirely in rhymed verse. It is the second book in the series: The Adventures of Puff and follows a cat’s journey through the rugged mountains of Switzerland.

As the adventure unfolds, a curious stranger helps Puff through a precarious situation, compelling Puff to join the quest to free the stranger’s family from a remote castle.

But to get there, they must first overcome a perilous gorge with nearly vertical cliffs, treacherous rivers with cunning predators, deep moats surrounding towering castle walls—only then to face the most dangerous obstacle of all.

It is a story of honor, courage, the value of loyalty in friendship, and the relentless desire to fulfill a dream.

Book 2: Lost in the Alps