Rhyme and Reason

Rhymed-verse is easy to follow and remember. That is why children love stories rich in rhyme. It keeps their attention as they are drawn to its structure and rhyme like magnets.

For children enjoy structure—contrary to what most people may think. Lead a group of children to the middle of a playground without games and without intervening and watch what they do. Most will become dissatisfied with the lack of structure and soon become frustrated. But then the teacher comes out and suggests they play a fun game—and they all get excited.

Then as children mature to middle grade and junior high, the desire for rhyme and meter are still very much desired. It is for this reason rap music is so popular with teens today. Rap uses lyrics primarily in a rhyme scheme called a couplet, not necessarily employing just ‘end rhymes’ as most couplets do, but placing them frequently throughout the piece.

A writer once noted that ‘children are comforted by the resolution of their expectancy—while surrounded by the insecurity of a world in confusion.’ In rhymed-verse, the expectancy of its readers are in rhymes that never dry up and remain an endless stream of discovery.