Innocence Publishing

Children have a passion for adventure. I suppose we all do. But these days adventure stories are certainly not what they were a century ago. Back then, stories were tamer and more appropriate for younger audiences. Parents could permit their children to read adventures without too much fear of unsettling nightmares keeping them awake at night.

Modern adventure stories, however, take a different twist. Evil and the macabre have become commonplace and the prevailing theme in bookstores and theatres today. The valiant hero has become eclipsed by pure malevolence and notorious evil. Once brilliant dialogue has transformed into sensationalism while writers profit from dwelling in the deepest levels of darkness to portray the perfect archvillain.

It seems appropriate therefore—and timely, that a new series of adventure stories rise to the surface emphasizing sound morals and ethics. The primary goal of children’s books after all should be to preserve the innocence of the minds of children.

Children deserve more innocence in literature today. The goal of Innocence Publishing is to make that happen.