About the Author

The author began writing poetry at an early age developing an insatiable desire for the English Romantic Poets and Transcendentalists. He attended countless classes in literature and writting as an undergraduate to better hone his skills and direction. Over the years he developed a unique style of weaving mixed meters in rhymed-verse associated with various types of animals in his stories. The meters and rhythms were inspired musically with his talent for playing nearly all types of string instruments, particularly the mandolin, bouzouki, and taropatch.

Touched with a natural sense of rhythm and meter for both writing and music, he became more interested in the music side with the desire to teach, and pursued a Music Education degree at Westminster Choir College in Princeton New Jersey, then afterward continuing at Elizabethtown College in Music Therapy.

Eventually, after traveling around the world studying modal variations in various countries he found himself in Middleburg Florida, where he co-owned a successful Montessori school for many years. It’s at this point he realized firsthand the power of rhymed-verse and the effect it has on children—and began writing The Rainbow Forest.