Chapter 1

The Awakening

The morning sun shines through the window today
And dances ’round the room in a playful way,
After passing through branches and leaves outside,
Moving gently in the wind from side to side,
While a white cat sleeps on a silky soft bed,
Dreams of adventures running through his head.

Exciting adventures to faraway lands
Where mountains kiss clouds above blue sea sands,
Sliding down rainbows with the greatest of ease
While flying a kite without any breeze
On a magic carpet ride above the sea—
Could anyone be as happy as he?

A ray of light shines on Puff’s sleepy face,
Awakening him to the morning’s pace
As he casually rolls onto his side,
Stretching his legs fully out and wide,
He yawns a great yawn as only he can,
While morning begins as it always began.

Puff notices Kathy is nowhere around
So he shifts and stands without a sound,
Thinking she is hiding somewhere nearby.
Maybe under the bed is where he should try,
Or search behind the oak dresser and chair?
Should he be concerned—or not really care?

Puff knows he must make a decision fast,
For the morning will not much longer last.
Then he feels something moving in the bed
And wants to jump to the floor, but instead
Puff pulls the blanket, finding Kathy below,
Turning in her sleep where no one would know.

Then Puff’s eyes catch a flash outside,
Back and forth—like a kite would glide.
He leaps from the bed to the hardwood floor,
Darting his way to the chair near the door,
Then springs from his seat to the windowsill,
Staring quietly outside—perfectly still.

A butterfly flits before Puff’s face,
Flapping its wings at an excited pace
After dodging the screen Puff pushed away,
Its frame now lodging where some bushes lay
As Puff stares at the branch of a nearby tree,
Bridging an exciting adventure to be.

But Puff steps back, for it is a long way down
From the second floor all the way to the ground.
So he sits and pauses, gazing ahead,
Cleaning his whiskers and paws instead
Of jumping to the branch before his eyes,
A little farther than his previous tries.

Then for some reason, with all his might
Puff leaps, suspended in fearful flight,
Then lands on the branch with all four paws,
Stopping quickly by digging in his claws.
He breathes a deep breath and with a long sigh,
He smiles he is safe—for the branch is quite high.

Puff turns, watching Kathy sleeping in bed,
Making him wish he were with her instead
As a loud screech makes him shiver inside
And want to jump back in the house and hide.
But the jump is too far should he slip and fall,
And would hurt a bit if he lived through it all.

Above, a mother squirrel defends her nest
From Puff, whom she sees as a threatening pest.
Her forelegs are bowed; she is ready to pounce
If the cat moves half of half of an ounce.
Puff shuffles slowly to the trunk of the tree:
The only answer he can possibly see.

Two more squirrels come around clearly in sight,
One to his left and one to his right,
Hissing and snarling with their mother above,
Pushing away branches with one great shove
As Puff remains quiet in a breathless pose,
Watching the butterfly land on his nose.

The squirrels stare motionlessly in place
While Puff descends with no particular grace
And soon jumps a few feet to the ground,
Landing in the grass with a muffled sound,
As the butterfly sails toward the field beyond,
To the Rainbow Forest and crystal clear pond.